Stemco QT108SB Qwiktie Tie Rod Assembly Universal

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Stemco QT108SB Qwiktie Tie Rod Assembly Universal
QWIKTIE Red Cap • Fits a wide range of configurations • QT108SB typical for 16 & 20,000# axles • Qwik Tie Assemblies adjust C-C 57-3/8" to 73-7/8" -- OEM CROSSES: Autocar 85108888 Autocar 85108889 Autocar 370245001 Autocar 370245002 Autocar 887783A Autocar 887784A Autocar A8010185 Autocar A8010186 Autocar A8015593 Autocar A8015594 Automann 462.ES2090L Automann 462.ES2090LS Automann 462.ES2091R Automann 462.ES2091RS Automann 462.ES3030R Automann 462.ES3031L Automann 462.ES3033L Automann 462.ES3034R Automann 462.ES346L Automann 462.ES346R Automann 462.ES431L Automann 462.ES431LS Automann 462.ES431R Automann 462.ES431RS Automann 462.ES4601L Automann 462.ES4601R Automann 462.ES9328L Automann 462.ES9329R Batco 212041L Batco 212091R Batco 212115R Batco 212116L Batco 212202R Batco 212204R Batco 212207R Batco 212208R Batco 212207R Batco 212209R Batco 21220R Batco 213030R Batco 213034R Batco 21346L Batco 21346R Batco 21376L Batco 21431L Batco 21431R Bluebird 663811 Bluebird 2597250 Bluebird 4278503 Chevrolet/GMC 685504 Chevrolet/GMC 685505 Chevrolet/GMC 798203 Chevrolet/GMC 798204 Chevrolet/GMC 2452860 Chevrolet/GMC 2452861 Chevrolet/GMC 12541319 Chevrolet/GMC 12541320 Chevrolet/GMC 15579760 Chevrolet/GMC 88936085 Chevrolet/GMC 88936086 Chrysler 2585607 Chrysler 2585608 Chrysler 3634206 Chrysler 3634207 Dana 220TR115 Dana 220TR116 Dana 220TR118 Dana 220TR119 Dayton 310-169 Dayton 310-170 Dayton 310-228 Dayton 310-228SF Dayton 310-229 Dayton 310-229SF Dayton 310-229SF Dayton 310-316 Dayton 310-322 Dayton 310-395 Dayton 310-396 Dayton 310-397 Dayton 310-397SF Dayton 310-398 Dayton 310-398SF Dayton 310-424 Dayton 310-425 Dayton 310-433 Dayton 310-434 Dayton 310-463 Dayton 310-464 Eaton 818471 Eaton 818472 Eaton 820626 Eaton 820627 Eaton 820694 Eaton 820695 Eaton 971128 Eaton 971128 Eaton 971129 Eaton TE2017 Eaton TE2018 Eaton TE2021 Eaton TE2022 Eaton TE2041 Eaton TE2042 Eaton TE2043 Eaton TE2044 Eaton TE2045 Eaton TE2349 Eaton TE2350 Eaton TE2453 Elgin ES2091R Elgin ES2113R Elgin ES2208R Elgin ES3030R Elgin ES346L Elgin ES346R Elgin ES431L Elgin ES431LA Elgin ES431R Elgin ES431RA Euclid E-4616 Euclid E-4617 Euclid E-4617TU Euclid E-4618 Euclid E-4619 Euclid E-4628 Euclid E-4629 Euclid E-4642 Euclid E-5393 Euclid E-5396 Euclid E-5397 Euclid E-6856 Euclid E-6857 Euclid E-9877 Euclid E-9878 Euclid E-9879 Euclid E-9880 Flagg ES2090L Flagg ES2091R Flagg ES2114R Flagg ES2116L Flagg ES2202R Flagg ES2208R Flagg ES3030R Flagg ES3031L Flagg ES346L Flagg ES346R Flagg ES376L Flagg ES376R Flagg ES431L Flagg ES431LA Flagg ES431LS Flagg ES431R Flagg ES431RA Flagg ES431RS Fleetrite FTR2091R Fleetrite FTR2208R Fleetrite FTR3030R Fleetrite FTR3034R Fleetrite FTR346L Fleetrite FTR346R Fleetrite FTR431L Fleetrite FTR431R Fleetrite FTR2203R Fleetrite FTR2614R Fleetrite FTR423L Fleetrite FTR423R Ford B8TZ3A130B Ford B8TZ3A131B Ford D0HZ3A130B Ford D0HZ3A130C Ford D0HZ3A131B Ford D0HZ3A131C Freightliner 6070910 Freightliner 6073380010 Freightliner 6073381310 Freightliner 6073381410 Freightliner 681-460-15-05 Freightliner A3144C237 Freightliner A3144C549 Freightliner A3144D238 Freightliner A3144D550 Freightliner A3144F448 Freightliner A3144G449 Freightliner A3144J296 Freightliner A3144K297 Freightliner L28SV5000A14 Freightliner L28SV5000A18 Freightliner L28SV5000A30 Freightliner L28SV5000H29 Freightliner L28SV5000H35 Freightliner L28SV5001A18 Freightliner L28SV5001A18 Freightliner L28SV5003A14 Freightliner L28SV5003B18 Freightliner L28SV5004D1 Freightliner L28SV5200A12 Freightliner L28SV5200D12 Freightliner L28SV5201A12 Freightliner L28SV5201D12 Freightliner L28SV5207B16 Hendrickson 29142 Isuzu 8889230850 Isuzu 8889360850 Isuzu 8889360860 Kenworth A1-3144F370 Kenworth A3144C237 Kenworth A3144C549 Kenworth A3144D238 Kenworth A3144D550 Kenworth A3144F448 Kenworth A3144G449 Kenworth A3144J296 Kenworth A3144K297 Kenworth A3144U437 Kenworth A3144V438 Kenworth L28SV5202A1 Kenworth L28SV5203A1 Mack 10QH248P3 Mack 10QH248P4 Mack 10QH248P5 Mack 10QH248P6 Mack 10QH309P1 Mack 10QH311P1 Mack 10QH312P1 Mack 10QH39P1 Mack 18QK214P2 Mack 18QK23A Mack 18QK23A Mack 18QK28A Mack 18QK29301 Mack 310228SF Mack 310229SF Mack A3144U438 Marmon A3144C237 Marmon A3144D238 Marmon A3144J296 Marmon A3144K297 McQuay ES2040R McQuay ES2041L McQuay ES2090L McQuay ES2091R McQuay ES2113R McQuay ES2114R McQuay ES2115R McQuay ES2116L McQuay ES2202R McQuay ES2204R McQuay ES2207R McQuay ES2209R McQuay ES2210L McQuay ES3030R McQuay ES3031L McQuay ES346L McQuay ES346R McQuay ES376L McQuay ES376R McQuay ES431L McQuay ES431L McQuay ES431LA McQuay ES431R McQuay ES431RA Meritor 1668480C91 Meritor 230236 Meritor 230237 Meritor A3144A547 Meritor A3144C237 Meritor A3144C549 Meritor A3144D238 Meritor A3144D550 Meritor A3144F448 Meritor A3144G449 Meritor A3144J296 Meritor A3144K296 Meritor A3144K297 Meritor A3144U437 Meritor A3144V438 Meritor A3144V438 Meritor A3144Z546 Meritor R230022 Meritor R230023 Meritor R230041 Meritor R230042 Meritor R230050 Meritor R230052 Meritor R230055 Meritor R230066 Meritor R230067 Meritor R230070 Meritor R230071 Meritor R230072 Meritor R230073 Meritor R230076 Meritor R230076 Meritor R230077 Meritor R230091 Meritor R230092 Meritor R230102 Meritor R230103 Meritor R230104 Meritor R230105 Meritor R230114 Meritor R230115 Meritor R230129 Meritor R230130 Meritor R230133 Meritor R230134 Meritor R230213 Meritor R230214 Midland M2ES2090L Midland M2ES2091R Midland M2ES2118L Midland M2ES2202R Midland M2ES2208R Midland M2ES2208R Midland M2ES2614R Midland M2ES3031L Midland M2ES303OR Midland M2ES3056 Midland M2ES3057 Midland M2ES3297R Midland M2ES346L Midland M2ES346R Midland M2ES411L Midland M2ES431R Midland M2ES431L Moog ES2040R Moog ES2041L Moog ES2090L Moog ES2091R Moog ES2113R Moog ES2114R Moog ES2115R Moog ES2116L Moog ES2202R Moog ES2204R Moog ES2207R Moog ES2208R Moog ES2209R Moog ES2210L Moog ES2215R Moog ES2215R Moog ES3030R Moog ES3031L Moog ES3056 Moog ES3057 Moog ES346L Moog ES346R Moog ES376L Moog ES376R Moog ES431L Moog ES431LA Moog ES431LS Moog ES431R Moog ES431RA Moog ES461RS Motorcraft MEOE102 Motorcraft MEOE180 Navistar 1649638C91 Navistar 1668479C91 Navistar 1668480C91 Navistar 1677271C91 Navistar 220TR118 Navistar 220TR119 Navistar 2603967C91 Navistar 442354C91 Navistar 461665C91 Navistar 461672C91 Navistar 468354C91 Navistar 486355C91 Navistar 486355C91F Navistar 486807C91 Navistar 486807C91 Navistar 491665C91 Navistar 491666C91 Navistar 506662C91 Navistar 506684C91 Navistar 581063C91 Navistar 590583C91 Navistar 590584C91 Navistar 969056R91 Navistar FTR187R Navistar FTR2040R Navistar FTR2090L Navistar FTR2091R Navistar FTR2113R Navistar FTR2115R Navistar FTR2116L Navistar FTR2202R Navistar FTR2203R Navistar FTR2204R Navistar FTR2207R Navistar FTR2209R Navistar FTR2210L Navistar FTR3030R Navistar FTR3031L Navistar FTR3033L Navistar FTR3057 Navistar FTR346L Navistar FTR346R Navistar FTR3477 Navistar FTR376L Navistar FTR376R Navistar FTR423R Navistar FTR431L Navistar 969055R91 Navistar FTR2114R Navistar FTR431R Navistar 447095C91 Navistar 817018 Navistar 817019 Navistar 110362R92 Navistar 110363R92 Navistar 140TR109 Navistar 140TR111 Navistar 140TR112 Navistar 1649637C91 Navistar 1668407C91 Navistar 1668408C91 Navistar 1668409C91 Navistar 1668410C91 Navistar 2603968C91 Navistar 377635C91 Navistar 377636C91 Navistar 438368C91 Navistar 438369C91 Navistar 447094C91 Navistar 477094C91 Navistar 477095C91 Navistar 507835C91 Navistar 507836C91 Navistar 507838C91 Navistar 596653C91 Navistar 64002-001 Navistar 64002-002 Navistar FTR423L Navistar FTR187L Navistar FTR2614R Navistar FTR3476 Navistar FTR411L Navistar FTR411R Navistar FTR423L Navistar FTR487L Navistar FTR8407 Navistar FTR8408 Navistar FTR8409 Navistar FTR8410 Navistar 507837C91 O & S Mfg ES2040R O & S Mfg ES2041L O & S Mfg ES2090L O & S Mfg ES2091R O & S Mfg ES2207R O & S Mfg ES2208R O & S Mfg ES346L O & S Mfg ES346R O & S Mfg ES376L O & S Mfg ES376R O & S Mfg ES431R Ottawa 90003919 PAI ARE9950 PAI ARE9986 PAI ARE9990 PAI ARE9991 Perfect Circle 2692158 Perfect Circle 2692159 Perfect Circle 2692311 Perfect Circle 2692312 Perfect Circle 2692446 Perfect Circle 2692447 Perfect Circle 2692485 Perfect Circle 2692644 Perfect Circle 2692645 Perfect Circle 2692698 Perfect Circle 2692699 Perfect Circle 2692700 Perfect Circle 2692709 Perfect Circle 2692710 Perfect Circle 2695098 Perfect Circle 2962311 S & S S4760 S & S S5048 S & S S5049 S & S S5988 S & S S6659 Spicer 220TR115 Spicer 220TR116 Spicer 220TR118 Spicer 220TR119 Spicer S9692311 Spicer SP692158 Spicer SP692159 Spicer SP692311 Spicer SP692485 Spicer SP692486 Spicer SP692644 Spicer SP692645 Spicer SP692698 Spicer SP692709 Spicer SP692710 Spicer TRE2090L Spicer TRE2091R Spicer TRE2208R Spicer TRE346L Spicer TRE346R Spicer TRE431BLA Spicer TRE431BRA Spicer TRE431SLA Spicer TRE431SRA Thomas 61110153 Trailmobile 384616 TRP TE12007 TRP TE12008 TRP TE12011 TRP TE12039 TRW ES2040R TRW ES2041L TRW ES2090L TRW ES2091R TRW ES2113R TRW ES2114R TRW ES2115R TRW ES2116L TRW ES2202R TRW ES2204R TRW ES2207R TRW ES2208R TRW ES2209R TRW ES2210L TRW ES3030R TRW ES3031L TRW ES3033L TRW ES3034R TRW ES3057 TRW ES346L TRW ES346R TRW ES376L TRW ES376R TRW ES431L TRW ES431R TRW L24SV5202A11 TRW L24SV8100B13 TRW L24SV8101A21 TRW L24SV8101A23 TRW L24SV8101C22 TRW L24SV8102C13 TRW L24SV8102C15 TRW L24SV8103C1 TRW L24SV8103C12 TRW L24SV8107A13 TRW L24SV8110D12 TRW L24SV8202D18 TRW L24SV8203B18 TRW L24SV8204A19 TRW L24SV8205C25 TRW L24SV8207A14 TRW L24SV8208B12 TRW L24SV8209B12 TRW L24SV8210A13 TRW L24SV8210A27 TRW L24SV8211A16 TRW L24SV8211B12 TRW L24SV8214B15 TRW L24SV8454A14 TRW L24SV8454A16 TRW L24SV8454A19 TRW L24SV8455A14 TRW L24SV8455A16 TRW L24SV8455A19 TRW L28SV5201A11 TRW L28SV5201A12 TRW L28SV5202A11 TRW L28SV5202A16 TRW L28SV5207B16 TRW L28SV5211B23 TRW L28SV5211B37 TRW L28SV5275A12 TRW L28SV5276A12 TRW L28SV5326A14 Unimotive TR2040R Unimotive TR2041L Unimotive TR2090L Unimotive TR2091R Unimotive TR2113R Unimotive TR2114R Unimotive TR2115R Unimotive TR2116L Unimotive TR2202R Unimotive TR2204R Unimotive TR2207R Unimotive TR2209R Unimotive TR2210L Unimotive TR346L Unimotive TR346R Unimotive TR376L Unimotive TR376R Unimotive TR431R Urresko USK-0004R Urresko USK-0005L Urresko USK-12007R Urresko USK-12008L Urresko USK-147R Urresko USK-156R Urresko USK-157R Urresko USK-167R Urresko USK-2090L Urresko USK-2091R Urresko USK-2207R Urresko USK-2208R Urresko USK-2290L Urresko USK-2291R Urresko USK-248P3R Urresko USK-248P4L Urresko USK-248P5R Urresko USK-248P6L Urresko USK-256 R Urresko USK-431L Urresko USK-431R Urresko USK-503L Urresko USK-503R Urresko USK-8084L Urresko USK-8084R Urresko USK-817755L Urresko USK-817755R Urresko USK-9716L Urresko USK-9716R Urresko USK-AM1137L Urresko USK-AM1138R Urresko USK-AM546R Urresko USK-AM547L Urresko USK-K844L Urresko USK-K844R Volvo-White 111067 Volvo-White 111068 Volvo-White 1016903 Volvo-White 1110067 Volvo-White 1117995 Volvo-White 3945950 Volvo-White 3945951 Volvo-White 3948202 Volvo-White 3948236 Volvo-White 3948868 Volvo-White 3948884 Volvo-White 27092085 Volvo-White 85102466 Volvo-White 85106953 Volvo-White 85106954 Volvo-White 85110479 Volvo-White 85112006 Volvo-White 370240005 Volvo-White 370245001 Volvo-White 370245002 Volvo-White 370245009 Volvo-White 370245010 Volvo-White 37024-5001 Volvo-White 37024-5002 Volvo-White 838308B Volvo-White 839307B Volvo-White 839308B Volvo-White A13144F370 Volvo-White A3144C237 Volvo-White A3144C549 Volvo-White A3144D238 Volvo-White A3144D550 Volvo-White A3144J296 Volvo-White A3144J297 Volvo-White A3144K297 Volvo-White A3144K298 Volvo-White A3144U437 Volvo-White A3144U438 Volvo-White A3144V437 Volvo-White A3144V438 Volvo-White L28SV5004D1 Volvo-White V1091563 Volvo-White V1110067 Volvo-White V1110068 Volvo-White V111067 Volvo-White V111068 Western Star 370035029 Western Star 370035031 Western Star A3144C549 Western Star A3144D550 Western Star A3144F448 Western Star A3144G449 Westport 143640-005 Westport 839307B Westport 839308B Workhorse W8001028 Workhorse W8001029 Automann 463.DS3138 Automann 463.DS9802 Automann 463.DS9807 Automann 463.DS9811 Automann 463.DS9816 Automann 463.DS9817 Automann 463.DS9818 Automann 463.DS9819 Automann 463.DS9824 Automann 463.DS9826 Automann 463.DS9827 Automann 463.DS9828 Automann 463.DS9829 Automann 463.DS9831 Automann 463.DS9832 Automann 463.DS9834 Automann 463.DS9836 Automann 463.DS9837 Automann 463.DS9838 Automann 463.DS9842 Automann 463.DS9843 Automann 463.DS9850 Automann 463.DS9857 Automann 463.DS9859 Automann 463.DS9861 Automann 463.DS9865 Automann 463.DS9868 Automann 463.DS9869 Automann 463.DS9871 Automann 463.DS9872 Automann 463.DS9873 Automann 463.DS9882 Automann 463.DS9883 Automann 463.DS9884 Automann 463.DS9885 Automann 463.DS9889 Automann 463.DS9890 Automann 463.DS9891 Automann 463.DS9896 Automann 463.DS9897 Automann 463.DS9902 Automann 463.DS9812 Automann 463.DS9801 Freightliner 6803303603 Freightliner 6803303903 Freightliner 6803307303 Mack 25023471 Mack 25168559 Mack 7QH253P3 Mack 7QH253P4 Mack 7QH335 Mack 7QH335P2 Mack 7QH335P4 Mack 7QH335P5 Mack 7QH338 Mack 7QH338P2 Mack 7QH47M Meritor A13102B3850 Meritor A13102C4293 Meritor A13102D2890 Meritor A13102D2890V Meritor A13102D3852 Meritor A13102G2841 Meritor A13102J3858 Meritor A13102J4534 Meritor A13102M2899 Meritor A13102P4332 Meritor A13102R2904 Meritor A13102R4282 Meritor A13102R4438 Meritor A13102S3451 Meritor A13102T2802 Meritor A13102T4284 Meritor A13102U2881 Meritor A13102U3869 Meritor A13102V2882 Meritor A13102W2909 Meritor A13102X4288 Meritor A13102Y3873 Meritor A13102Z3874 Meritor A23102S3451 Meritor A23102Y3847 Meritor A23102Y3873 Meritor A23102Z3874 Meritor A43102P3370 Meritor A4312K3365 Miscellaneous 25160398 Miscellaneous 25161090 Navistar 549772C91 Spicer 817755 Spicer 820623 Spicer 820625 Spicer 820677 Spicer 822073 Spicer 822074 Spicer 822076 Spicer 822077 Spicer 971070 Spicer 971092 Spicer 971094 Spicer 971190 Spicer 161TR1003 Spicer 220TR1003 Spicer 220TR1291 Spicer 220TR1292