Dana Introduces Aftermarket Drivetrain Upgrades for Jeep® Wrangler JL

Dana Introduces Aftermarket Drivetrain Upgrades for Jeep® Wrangler JL

Posted by DTA Sales on Apr 10th 2019

Dana Incorporated has introduced a new line of aftermarket Dana axles and Spicer® drivetrain components for the Jeep® Wrangler JL. The line of drivetrain upgrades includes Ultimate Dana 60™ front and rear axles, Spicer® Performance nodular iron differential covers, chromoly axle shafts, bearing kits, and expanded ratio gears.

Dana made the announcement at the Easter Jeep Safari held in Moab, Utah, through April 1.

The new Jeep® Wrangler JL comes with redesigned Dana axles as standard equipment. The Wrangler Sport and Sahara come with Dana 30™ axles in front and Dana 35™ AdvanTEK® axles in the rear, while the Rubicon comes equipped with Dana 44™ AdvanTEK® axles in front and rear. Each of these axle designs have been improved and strengthened for the Wrangler JL.

“The new Jeep® Wrangler JL features extensively redesigned Dana axles as a part of its standard equipment package,” said Peter Cirulis, vice president of customer experience, strategy, and product planning for the Dana Aftermarket Group. “However, there are always enthusiasts who want to push the envelope, and these Dana and Spicer upgrades build on our proven, market-tested technology to meet the rigorous demands of off-roading. Whether you are going to a remote fishing spot, or rock-climbing in Moab, Dana has created the upgrades you need to enjoy the journey as much as the destination.”

Spicer Chromoly Axle Shaft upgrades for the Jeep® JL are available in a number of configurations for the Dana 30™(front), Dana 35™ AdvanTEK® (rear), and Dana 44™ AdvanTEK® axles (front and rear). Spicer aftermarket axles are available to replace the front axle disconnect (FAD) feature on the stock Dana 30™ and the Dana 44™ AdvanTEK® axles.

Spicer master overhaul and standard differential rebuild bearing kits are available for the Dana 30™, Dana 35™ AdvanTEK®, and the Dana 44™ AdvanTEK® axles.

Enthusiasts can choose from a range of AdvanTEK® aftermarket expanded gear ratios for all three original equipment (OE) axles. Four ratios are available for the Dana 30™, five for the Dana 35™ AdvanTEK®, and the Dana 44™ AdvanTEK® has six gear options for the front and seven for the rear.

“Dana has been the OE supplier of axles to Jeep® for over 75 years,” said Cirulis. “With that heritage, no one knows the Jeep® drivetrain better than Dana. We want to be first when it comes to ‘what’s next’ for Wrangler JL aftermarket parts.”

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