Nissan Titan rear differential problem fixFor anyone who has the Nissan Titan with the M226 ( 32 spline Dana 44 ) rear differential. That axle has a tendency to get the axle vent plug clogged and it ruins the rear differential. The best and most economical replacement for that rear diff is the Eaton Detroit Truetrac helical gear limited slip differential part # 913A582 which is a part we stock. That unit is a performance aftermarket gear driven limited slip and is much less expensive than buying a whole new rear axle which is what the Nissan dealer may tell people they have to do. If you have the E-Locker rear in your Titan then you will need to modify the axle slightly to make it seat in the Truetrac properly since Dana used different length axles with the Titan rears with a locker. If you have the standard open differential it is a simple swap out.